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Welcome to Paradise Acres Farm!  We are a family owned farm located in Elgin, SC.

Sign up for the Rent-Laying-Hens - you'll be glad you did!  Who can resist the charm and calming effect of a couple of chickens scratching in your own back yard?
 Our market day for August will be  from 3:00 to 6:00 at Rosewood Market (20% off).  We'll have young stewing roosters, Gluten Free, Wheat Free Baked Goods & our wonderful fresh farm eggs.  Don't forget to get your FREE sample of our fresh baked goods! 
Also coming up: Rent-Laying-Hens and Rent-a-Goat!  Check out the details: Rent Laying Hens. 
We're changing our Market Days to correspond with Rosewood Markets 20% off days.  Check back often for upcoming dates.  We'll have:  ♥ free-range cage-free Eggs. PLUS -- Order Bread, Pies, and Baked goods for delivery.  To place an order for Baked Goods send an email to: Orders@Paradise-Acres-Farm.com 
Check out Rosewood Market's webpage: www.rosewoodmarket.com

We began our journey in the spring of 2010 with a dream to have beautiful orchards that produced naturally grown fruits and berries free from pesticides and harmful products.  We had a few fruit trees to start, but quickly found ourselves planting tree after tree after shrub until we had blossomed to over 170 fruit trees and bushes of all varieties.  Quickly to follow the orchards where rows of unruly vegetable plants.

We soon realized that the produce we were growing was not reaching maturity because of bugs, pests, deer, birds, and disease!  So, after some brainstorming, we decided that we would need some help to remain all natural and produce fruit at the same time.  Enter the chickens (insert gasp here!) …….

Here on the farm, we raise free-range chickens, turkeys, ducks, and guineas who are lovingly and sometimes enthusiastically guarded by our dogs Missy & Trixie and our cat Bashful.  We allow our chickens and friends to range our 20 acres as they wish.  They are in charge of all bugs and they are doing a fine job.  Unfortunately, the chickens love fruit and vegetables, and they are quite proficient at eating all that we manage to grow.

We’ll continue to tackle the balance between nature, food, and chickens down here on the farm.  In the meantime, if you visit us, you’ll see our chickens running among the orchards – baron of all fruit, you might notice our rows of beautiful green vegetable plants – minus the vegetables, and you could stroll around the berry bushes (you guessed it) sans berries!

Welcome to Paradise!

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Come back often and see our progress! See y'all down on the farm